Quality Cloud Backup Solutions in Brisbane

Are you worried about the security and reliability of your data? Here at Data Planet we are able to offer you a full range of expert cloud and IT services in Brisbane to help ensure the integrity and reliability of your business’ important information.

At our secure data centre we can store and protect a backup of your data. This means should anything go wrong with your IT infrastructure a full restore can quality and easily take place. We are able to offer both a manual backup service in addition to cloud backup solutions. Depending on your internet connection we may recommend utilising our two stage private cloud services. This means a backup will take place on local storage such as an external hard drive, then once completed it’ll backup to our cloud after business hours. This will give greater protection for local and offsite backups. Our cloud backup services are great for companies wanting peace of mind with e-mail notifications and your own portal to manage your cloud backups giving you 100% control and confidents in our software

In addition to backups we also offer a full range of hosting services for Brisbane based residents and businesses. This includes hosting for your website to keep your online presence up and running.

All of our orders area processed within 24 hours, giving you a fast response time and an efficient service.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our cloud storage services or other IT support options, visit the Contact Us page to fill-out our online form. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.