Full IT Support Solutions in Adelaide

Is your business’ IT infrastructure and data fully secured? Many businesses fail to realise the full importance of their information and data until disaster strikes and they lose it all. From financial records, to customer information and a huge range of other data, there is a lot of important files retained on your IT solutions that need to be retained.

Here at Data Planet we are able to offer you a great range of IT support solutions in Adelaide to protect your information from being lost. Our convenient cloud backup solutions offer a service that allows for fast uploading and restoration of your data. We also offer a manual backup services for Adelaide. depending on your internet connection we may recommend utilizing our two stage backup solution, this means a backup will take place on local storage such as an external hard drive, then once completed it’ll backup to our cloud after business hours. This will give greater protection for local and offsite backups

In addition to secure and reliable data storage, we also offer a full range of hosting services to keep your core I.T systems online and secure. Our hosting is competitively priced in the Australian market.

We aim to process all orders placed for our services within 24 hours, meaning you get both a fast and quality service to help get your data protection started. If you would like to learn more about any of our IT support solutions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Simply visit the Contact Us page for our details.